Corrine is an artist living in Glenbrook Passage west.

She is part of a close knit family originating and still residing in Passage West. 

     Her own Grandfather worked in the dockyards in Cobh.

     She has always painted mainly for friends and relatives to give as gifts…No formal training…

     However in 2014 Corrine and her daughter had a car accident and Corrine, being a single parent, could not afford to get her car repaired, bills were mounting and everything seemed grey……because she had no car she would walk around Passage and it was then that she began to notice the buildings and how beautiful they really were…not the drab grey brick built structures that had seen better days…underneath she saw that they were very colourful…she saw the little things people had done over the years to make their houses their own, flowers, lamps, letterboxes, ornaments, gates and railings…she scraped enough money together and bought a canvas and some paints and painted Toureen Terrace in Passaage West….she added it to her collection of artwork that had never seen the light of day….

     Friends, family that visited her looked at the little painting of Toureen Terrace and expressed their admiration,  that encouraged her to paint more of her home town and before she knew it she had painted a whole collection of 10 paintings of Passage West …



 In May 2015 she plucked up the courage and displayed her collection at the local Maritime festival in Pace in Passage west…the reaction was fantastic.. she sold many cards and prints.

     It was there she was  approached by Ivan Wolfe from the Hazlehurst Gallery in Monkstown and was asked if she would like to hold an exhibition.


     That opened on November 27th 2015. Along with the paintings of Passage West she painted 11 paintings of buildings she liked around Monkstown .


     The exhibition was only supposed to run for 10 days but it has been one of the most successful exhibitions ever run at the gallery so they extended it for another month.

 Now she is expanding her collection to include Cork harbour.

...and so I did expand the collection!:)

© corrinelelandart 2015

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